Give Your Kitty a Friend While You're Gone

Hire me to be your cat sitter in Guilderland or Westmere, NY

For a lot of pet owners, the worst part of going on a vacation is having to leave your furry friend behind. Thanks to Cheerful Puppies Pet Sitting, your cat will have an attentive friend to keep them safe and happy while you're gone. Whether you need short-term or long-term cat sitting services, I'm happy to help you out.

Call me today to schedule cat sitting services in Guilderland or Westmere, NY.

See how I'll take care of your cat

See how I'll take care of your cat

As your cat sitter, I'll go out of my way to ensure that your cat has everything they need. You can expect me to:

Clean the litter box daily
Put out food and water
Make sure your home is in order
Talk to, sit with and play with your cat

I'll make sure they're taken care of, mentally and physically. Reach out today to speak with a local cat sitter.